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Sony PVM-740 PVM-740

Sony PVM-740

Product Model: PVM-740

Product Code: SN34-PVM740
This model has been replaced by model PVM-741 TSW: 6.5

SonyPVM-740 SonyPVM-740


The PVM 740 is another leap in Sony imaging technology. Using the new OLED
(Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, blacks are black. Contrast is
mesmerizing and your picture never looked so good. Incorporating Sony’s “STE”
(Super Top Emission) structure, the PVM 740 can display extremely wide gamut
colors and repel panel glare so that "on set" or "in the field" viewing is simple and
accurate. The PVM 740 also includes other features that make it the favorite for
view and framing camera images. The new “Flip” feature can swap the image
horizontally, vertically, or combined so that over and under 3D rig viewing is a
simple push of a button. The SD/HD/3G input is not an option so even display of
HD 60P images is a snap.

The chassis is made of cast aluminum for durable in field use and includes a
protection panel for the OLED so that rough handling has no effect on
performance. The small size of the PVM 740 allows usage in various applications
including ENG/EFP, OB Van, Editing Systems, and Monitor Walls. By employing a
960 x 540 16:9 OLED panel, contrast is as never seen before and image lag is a
thing of the past. Picture quality is excellent both indoors and outdoors.
Additionally the PVM 740 incorporates Sony’s ChromaTru color processing which
allows the PVM 740 to accurately display images as SMPTE, EBU or ITU-R BT709
color standards. The PVM 740 comes standard with one composite, one auto
detecting SDI/HDSDI/3G input. One HDMI input, internal waveform monitor, AC
power adapter, and ¼ and 3/8 holes for camera mounting.

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