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Product Model: SMB-500FULLKIT

Product Code: TG41-SMB500FULKIT
Price: US$2,950.00

TSW: 33.5



Shoulder Mount Adapter for Camcorder and DSLR Camera
SMB-500FULLKIT is specially designed for recent Cinematography type cameras
such as DSLRs, large sensor cameras, etc. to enhance the camera`s capability
with versatile accessories, which is high performance, durable, cost effective
and you can set-up easily and quickly, it`s ideal for the Digital Cinematography era.

SMB-500FULLKIT Features
■ Wide range of camera can be equipped such as DSLR, Large Sensor Cameras,
DigitalMovie Cameras, etc.
■ Versatile, Durable and high precision mechanism
■ Easy and Quick Set-up
■ Cost Effective

SMB-500FULLKIT High Precision Components
■ Matte Box
Hard carbon fiber made matte box with 4x4 2 filter stages (one fix, one rotating),
swing away mechanism, French flag, side flaps and 5x EVA lens adaptor rings.
■ Follow Focus
Two damping levels, is suitable for both automatic and manual lens. 2 points
stoppers allow you to mark the distance between one focus to another. Stoppers
can also be detached and then stored within the follow focus itself .
■ Support System
V-Lock system provides rock-solid connection to tripod with V-Mount. Easy and
quickly change between studio and handheld configurations. Adjustable shoulder
pad allows front and back adjustment. New padding material provides more
comfort and better fit to your shoulder. Centered shoulder pad position helps
balancing the whole rig. Comes with a height adjustable 15mm rods adaptor.
■ Curved Arm
Three pieces of support arms provide excellent protection and support for
cameras. Height adjustable top support creates more possibility for different types
of cameras to use. Two side-attached rods allow other equipment to clamp on.
■ Universal Handgrip

 General Specifications

Model : SMB-500FULLKIT consists of:
1. Matte Box with Lens Adaptor Ring x5 and 4.4 Filter Holder x2
2. Follow Focus System with Adaptor Ring x5 and Focus Lever
3. 200mm Rod for Matte Box x2
4. Universal Hand Grip
5. Base Plate with Pad, 200mm Rod x2 and
100mm Rod x2
6. Lens Supporter
7. Top Hand Grip with Curved Arm
8. 250mm Steer Whip
9. 400mm Steer Whip
10. Monitor Arm
11. 7" HDMI LCD Monitor

*Note : Power Converter Set is not inclusive within SMB500FULLKIT - Picture
shown is for illustration only

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