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BBS LightingPipeline Reporter Kit 4300K
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BBS Lighting Pipeline Reporter Kit (3502)


BBS Lighting Pipeline Reporter Kit 4300K

Product Model: Pipeline Reporter Kit (3502)

Product Code: BB32-3502
Price: US$908.70
TSW: 2.5

BBS LightingPipeline Reporter Kit 4300K BBS LightingPipeline Reporter Kit (3502)


BBS offers the Pipeline Remote Phosphor Reporter 3200K, 4300K and 5600K Kits,
made to address the challenges of traveling correspondents who often deliver
their reports via Skype or Messenger from a webcam on a desktop as well as
offering the cinematographer to create special soft lighting scenes.

The Pipeline remote phosphor LED fixtures in the Reporter Kits deliver modeled
lighting with 95+ TLCI under a wide range of ambient lighting conditions.

The footprint of each fixture is less than the computer mouse and set up takes just
a minute.

Each 2-fixture kit, complete with versatile power accessories, 1/4 20 threads and
everything else needed, comes in its own lightweight case.

95+ TLCI: 3200K, 4300K or 5600K
Extremely high light output
More than 1000 Lumens output per light
10 Watt Draw per light
Wide 180 light dispersion
Flicker-free dimming from 100%-0
Aluminum channel back for strength
1/4 20 threads in the base for many mounting options

Kit includes:
Transport case
2 pcs. 1/ 30cm Pipeline with built in dimmers
2 pcs. Tripods
1 pcs. PSU 100-240V UK/US/EU/AU
1 pcs. Power splitcable

 General Specifications

POWER Requirements:
AC Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption: 20 Watt
Battery Operational Voltage Range: 20 Watt @ 14V DC
Power Draw: 12-18VDC

Pipeline Reporter Size: (Head only)
Unfolded r: 115 mm / 4.5″
H: 570 mm / 22.4″
Transport Case and kit:
L: 400 mm / 15.8″
H: 300 mm / 11.8″
D: 100 mm / 3.9″
Weight: 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs

Ambient Operating Temperature: -10-40C / 14-104F

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