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Polar ProPWR-H20 PowerGrip H20 Waterproof GoPro System
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Polar Pro PWR-H20


Polar Pro PWR-H20 PowerGrip H20 Waterproof GoPro System

Product Model: PWR-H20

Product Code: PP31-PWRH20

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Polar ProPWR-H20 PowerGrip H20 Waterproof GoPro System Polar ProPWR-H20


The PowerGrip H20 was designed to be used any where and everywhere, from
scuba diving to snowboarding and everything in between. The waterproof door
keeps the PowerGrip H20 sealed and dry down to 99 feet. (Note: To live charge
underwater the Live Charge Doors are reqiured).

Rechargeable 6700 mAh battery: Packed into the PowerGrip H20 is the most
dense battery available, allowing you to film with your GoPro for 12 hours straight.
This battery is big enough to charge your GoPro 6 times, or your iPhone6 3 times.
The PowerGrip H20 has enough power to keep your camera and phone powered
all weekend while off the grid.

4-in-1 GoPro Pole System: The PowerGrip H20 can be configured as a: 9.5 inch
Grip // 22 inch Pole // 33 inch Pole // Follow-cam setup

Skeleton Door Included for Live Charge: A PowerGrip H20 Skeleton Door is
included for live charging your GoPro above water. The Skeleton door and the
waterproof door can be swapped out as needed.

1/4 20 Tripod Mount: A mount is included at the base of the grip for turning any
tripod into an extended power source. Mount the PowerGrip to any tripod for
extended time lapses.

2X Full Size USB Ports: Two full size USB ports provide enough power to
simultaneously charge cameras, phones, speakers, headphones, and even lights.
The PowerGrip H20 can be used as a very convenient waterproof powerbank.

Cell Phone Mount Included: A cell mount is included to allow mobile phone users to
harness all of the features of the PowerGrip H20. Never run out of power when
shooting with the PowerGrip.

 General Specifications

In The Box:
- PowerGrip
- Waterproof Door
- Skeleton Door (Live Charge / not waterproof)
- Extension Arms
- Leash
- Thumbscrews
- Cell Phone Mount
- 8 inch charge cable
- 30 inch charge cable

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