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DataVideoRMC-260 Remote Controller for SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher
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DataVideo RMC-260


DataVideo RMC-260 Remote Controller for SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher

Product Model: RMC-260

Product Code: DV31-RMC260
Price: US$505.00
TSW: 1.6

DataVideoRMC-260 Remote Controller for SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher DataVideoRMC-260


The RMC-260 is a cost effective remote controller designed specifically for the SE-
1200MU Digital Video Switcher.

The RMC-260 interfaces with the SE-1200MU via an RS-232 interface.

The RMC-260 is a switcher-style controller, an alternative to the PC Controller
software of SE-1200MU, all keys on the unit are clearly defined for quick and
easy operation.

- SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher remote controller
- A switcher style keyboard for SE-1200MU operation
- Clear key definitions
- Support Keyers enable and function assignment quickly
- Save user behavior to user memory keys and load them quickly
- Two keyers with two corresponding knobs for assignment of Keyer 1/2 sources
- XPT (Cross Point Assignment)
- Take button to switch between PVW and PGM views
- FTB button fades the PGM view to a black screen
- Cross Dissolve button applies cross-dissolve transition effect to switching
between PGM and PVW views
- Still Grab function captures the instantaneous video image
- RS-232 interface for communication between RMC-260 and SE-1200MU
- Bright LED lighting

 General Specifications

In the Box:
- RMC-260 - SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher remote controller
- RS-232 Transmission Cable
- Power Adapter

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