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9.Solutions9.VB5081B Python Clamp with Snap-In Socket
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9.Solutions 9.VB5081B


9.Solutions 9.VB5081B Python Clamp with Snap-In Socket

Product Model: 9.VB5081B

Product Code: NS31-9VB5081B
Price: US$43.00
TSW: 1

9.Solutions9.VB5081B Python Clamp with Snap-In Socket 9.Solutions9.VB5081B


There is more to the Python Clamp than meets the eye. It can be adapted for use
with many different accessories used in photo, video, stage, and visual
merchandising. Some examples of use are:

Photo and Video: It can be used in a combination with a grip head, where by
replacing the grip head’s two discs and replacing with the Python Clamp, the grip
head is then able to clamp onto odd shaped objects and tubes up to 50mm.

Stage: It can be used in combination with a truss coupler to attach truss
structures to regular building materials such as wood boards. It can also be used
together with an adapter to hang lighting fixtures on a greater range of different
mounting shapes.

Visual Merchandising: It can be used in combination with any 10mm rods to form
shelves, hangers, or holders of any kind.

The Python Clamp with Snap-in Socket can be used with 5/8” stud or spigot for
quick, snap-in mounting capabilities. The socket snap-locks when a spigot or stud
is inserted which means equipment can be placed/hung with one hand. The
socket has an additional finger screw for securing the stud and to stop it from

 General Specifications

Weight: 495 g
Max Load: 20 kg
Clamp Range: 0 – 50mm
Connection(s): (1x) 5/8” (16mm) Pass-thru Receptacle
(1x) 3/8” (10mm) Pass-thru Receptacle

View Details: 9.VB5081B

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