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SonyLMD-A240 24-inch Production Video LCD Monitor
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Sony LMD-A240


Sony LMD-A240 24-inch Production Video LCD Monitor

Product Model: LMD-A240

Product Code: SN34-LMDA240
Price: US$3,499.00
TSW: 23

SonyLMD-A240 24-inch Production Video LCD Monitor SonyLMD-A240


The LMDA series professional monitors combine slim, lightweight, lower power
consumption with an easily portable design. The new LMD-A240 24-Inch has a
new low latency automatic I/P conversion, on screen tally and yoke mounting
screw holes just like the new PVMA series Trimaster monitors. These new
designs deliver more flexibility and ease of use for live program production, on set
and broadcast truck applications. The LMDA240 will have the newest Software
V1.1 will be out in July 2014. •Camera and lens metadata display, •Picture &
Picture display, •2048 x 1080 display with shift functions and much more. Sony
also has re-engineered their entire design, from the chassis to the IPS LCD panel,
using new advanced material and parts. The result is a savings in space and
weight which directly affect’s logistical expenses.

 General Specifications

Display Specifications:
Panel Technology: IPS LCD with LED Backlight
Picture Size (diagonal) mm: 611.3
Picture Size (diagonal) inch: 24.12
Effective Picture Size (H x V) mm: 518.4 x 324
Effective Picture Size (H x V) inch: 20.5 x 12.87
Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Native Aspect Ratio: 15:9 (1.66:1)
Panel Drive: 10 bit (1.07B colors)

Optical Characteristics
Standard Luminance: 100 cd/m2
Color Space: EBU, SMPTE C, Native, ITU-R BT709, S-Gamut
EOTF: 2.2, 2.4, CRT, SLog2 to ITU-R BT709
Preset White Points: D65, D93, User

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