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KodakORBIT360 4K Action Camera
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Kodak ORBIT360 4K


Kodak ORBIT360 4K Action Camera

Product Model: ORBIT360 4K

Product Code: KO31-ORBIT3604K
Price: US$513.00
TSW: 2

KodakORBIT360 4K Action Camera KodakORBIT360 4K


The camera PixPro 4KVR360 is splash-proof and comes with a selfie-stick and
remote control in the package. A status-display on the top of the housing allows
you to view and control settings and parameters. Alternatively this can be done
via a dedicated iOS or Android app on your smartphone.

KODAK PIXPRO 4KVR360 Action Camera is a 360˚ VR camera comes with two
4K fixed focus lenses which covered by modern and elegant camera body. These
lenses are well designed and work closely together to record full 360˚ 4K Video.
Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 provides an option "Smart Device App" which helps to
transfer 4K Video into any social media like Youtube and Facebook.

Images and video are captured on two 20MP BSI CMOS sensors. The front lens
covers a 155 degree angle of view, the one at the back captures a wider 235
degree angle. This way you can easily switch between standard 16:9 "flat" 4K
video, just using the front camera, and full spherical 360 degree recording using
both cameras. Both lenses have a F2.4 aperture and video is electronically
stabilized. In still image mode the Pixpro 4KVR360 can produce 27MP spherical
images. The PixPro supports on-camera stitching at a reduced resolution for quick
sharing, full resolution files can be created on an external editor.

 General Specifications


• Splash-proof360˚
• Spherical lens
• Two 20MP BSI CMOS sensors
• Selfie-stick and remote control included
• Smartphone control possible
• Youtube and Facebook 360˚ video compatible
• Mac or PC Desktop Editing or Stitching Software (included with purchase)
• Front lens: 155 degree angle of view, the back captures 235 degree angle (both
• 4K video
• Electronically stabilization
• Can 27MP spherical images
• Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
• Built-in mic
• microSD card
• Smart Device App for easy upload of content to social media platforms like
Facebook™ and YouTube™

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