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AputureAmaran Tri-8(SSC) Portable LED Video Light Kit (V-mount)
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Aputure Amaran Tri-8(SSC) Portable LED Video Light Kit (V-mount)

Product Model: TRI8KITSSCV

Product Code: AU32-TRI8KITSSCV
Price: US$1,355.00
TSW: 5

AputureAmaran Tri-8(SSC) Portable LED Video Light Kit (V-mount) AputureTRI8KITSSCV


The Amaran Flagship Tri-8 is the brightness and most compact led light ever of
Amaran series. With durable metal construction, ultra thin design and excellent
thermal management capabilities, it packs 888 high-CRI (95+) LED lights into an
11.5-inch panel. The high LED count means the Tri-8 is capable of outputting
24000 lux @ 0.5m, which is equivalent to a 600w tungsten light.

The Amaran Flagship,24000lux@0.5m (Tri-8s)
Top Class Thermal Management
Wide color temperature 2300-6800 (Tri-8c)
Rock-Solid Metal Build
Intelligent Information Readout
Multiple Charging Methods
150M Wireless Groups Control
EZ Box Included

In the Box:
- LED Light x3
- Diffuser x4
- D-tap to D-tap x3
- Power cable x3
- AC adapter x3
- Battery baseplatex3
- Battery mount(for V-mount) x3
- Battery mount(for A-mount) x3
- F970 battery x3
- Button battery x3
- VA-Remote x3
- Hexagon wrench x3
- Support column x12
- Screws(KM3x18mm) x12
- Screws(KM3x21mm) x12 (for v-mount)
- Screws(KM3x12mm) x12 (for A-mount)
- Super fiber shim x3
- Carry bag x3
- Bracket x12
- Softbox x3
- Adapter x3
- Duffuser cloth x3
- Warranty card x3
- Product manual x3

 General Specifications

Beam Angle: 25 (Tri-8S) / 25 (Tri-8C)
Color Temperature: 5500K (Tri-8S) / 2300-6800K (Tri-8C)
Power Supply: DC 15V
Power Input: 60w
Average Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours
Cooling Mode: Natural Convection Heat Transfer
Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 1/2/3
Groups: A/B/C/D
Remote Range: ≤150m
Size (L*W*H): Light: 260.99x198.64x93.15 mm

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