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AputureAmaran AL-528S Portable Natural Light (Spot)
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Aputure AL-528S


Aputure Amaran AL-528S Portable Natural Light (Spot)

Product Model: AL-528S

Product Code: AU32-AL528S

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AputureAmaran AL-528S Portable Natural Light (Spot) AputureAL-528S


Using 25-degree angled bulbs, the AL-528s creates a dramatic spotted light,
perfect for studio or cinematic use.

The AL-528s has 528 LED bulbs packed into a compact design that is the same
size as an iPad. Itís an LED light that doesnít sacrifice power for portability.

The AL-528s comes with two filters: a orange filter to change the color
temperature from 5500K to 3200K, and a white-diffusing filter to soften the glow
of your light.

Freely rotate the brightness wheel to adjust the AL-528sís intensity. An adjacent
LCD screen displays the power of your light for precision and accuracy while

The Amaran is only 3.2cm thick,significantly thinner than other competitive LED

The AL-528s can be powered in two ways: an AC adapter or two lithium
batteries. The two methods of power can also be used simultaneously so you can
charge your batteries while using your light. Lithium batteries are commonly used
(Sony F/FM/QM Series) and are easy to find and replace.

Included with the AL-528s is a convenient case for your light and all of its
accessories, such as filters, lamp bracket and the AC adapter. The compact
design makes it perfect for shooting on the run and outside.

 General Specifications

Operation Current: ≤2.8A
Power Supply: DC 18V
Average Life Span: ≥100,000h
Volume: 238X190X32mm
Power: 30W
Cooling Mode: Natural Ventilation
Net Weight: 540g
Beam Angle: 25į
Color Temperature: 5500K

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