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FujinonZA17x7.6BERM Standard ENG Style Lens
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Fujinon ZA17x7.6BERM


Fujinon ZA17x7.6BERM Standard ENG Style Lens

Product Model: ZA17x7.6BERM

Product Code: FN31-ZA17x7.6BERM
Price: US$10,143.00
TSW: 4.5

FujinonZA17x7.6BERM Standard ENG Style Lens FujinonZA17x7.6BERM


ZA17x7.6 is affortable standard ENG style lens with digital servo grip.
Focal length is covering from 7.6 to 130mm (15.2 to 260mm with 2x extender) to
cover on-site usability in a versatile range of production for news, documentaries
and live sport feeds. This lens offers unsurpassed operational capabilities in a
compact design. Unique optical materials combined with the very latest lens
element design innovations and EBC multilayer coating technorogy that produce
the superb imagery.

- Standard focal length coverage 7.6-137mm (275mm with extender)
- Outstanding HD High Optical Performance
- Equiped New Ergonomical Digital Grip
- 16bit encoders device for virtual system

 General Specifications

Focal length
1x: 7.6-130mm
2x: 15.2-260mm
Zoom raito: 17x
Extender: 2x
Maximum relative aperture (F-no): 1:1.8 (7.6-102mm) 1:2.3 (130mm)
M.O.D.from image front lens: 0.6m
Object dimensions at M.O.D. 16:9 Aspect Ratio
1x: 7.6mm 696 x 392mm
130mm 43 x 24mm
2x: 15.2mm 362 x 204mm
260mm 22 x 12mm
Angular field of view 16:9 Aspect raito
1x: 7.6mm 6430' x 3903'
130mm 413' x 223'
2x: 15.2mm 3501 x 2007'
260mm 207' x 111'
Filter Thread: M82x0.75
Approx. Size (Φ Length): Φ85 204mm
Mass (without Lens Hood): 1.67kg (RM) / 1.74kg (RD)

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