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FujinonHK5.3x75 Premier Zoom Lens
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Fujinon HK5.3x75


Fujinon HK5.3x75 Premier Zoom Lens

Product Model: HK5.3x75

Product Code: FN31-HK5.3x75
Price: US$91,200.00
TSW: 9

FujinonHK5.3x75 Premier Zoom Lens FujinonHK5.3x75


Premier Zoom 75-400mm T2.8 Primarily Far-Reaching
HK5.3x75 75-400mm T2.8-3.8 Zoom when they need to cover a wide range from
medium focal length to long telephoto. This is an important lens for sports, cars,
action, wildlife, commercials, exteriors, compression shots, slowmotion, and other
situations where you want a long lens, with a fast aperture, in a small and light
body. It eliminates lots of scrambling to change lenses at magic hour.

 General Specifications

Application: 35mm PL Mount Camera
Focal length: 75-400mm
Zoom raito: 5.3x
T-no.: T2.8 (75-290mm) T3.8 (400mm)
Iris blades: 9
M.O.D.from image planes 2m / 6'9″
Object dimensions at M.O.D. 1.78 : 1 Aspect raito*
75mm 580 x 326mm
400mm 113 x 64mm
Angular field of view 1.78 : 1 Aspect raito*
75mm 1811' x 1017'
400mm 0326' x 156'
Focus rotation: 280
Zoom rotation: 160
Size (φ x Length): φ136 x 444mm
Mass: 9.1kg

View Details: HK5.3x75

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