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AputureLS C300d biggest and brightest LED light (V-mount)
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Aputure LS-C300DV


Aputure LS C300d biggest and brightest LED light (V-mount)

Product Model: LS-C300DV

Product Code: AU32-LSC300DV
Price: US$734.80
TSW: 4.5

AputureLS C300d biggest and brightest LED light (V-mount) AputureLS-C300DV


The Aputure LS C300d
The Aputure LS C300d is the biggest and brightest light weve ever made. Winner
of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d is a
game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced
cooling system, portable build, and a TLCI rating of over 96.

The LS C300d is the brightest LED light in the Light Storm series. Boasting an
impressive 48000 lux @ 0.5m with its included reflector, it can also reach an
incredible 142000 lux @ 0.5m with our fresnel mount (with camera settings set to
f/36, 1/200 shutter, and ISO 800). The LS C300d makes lighting nearly all scenes

Color Fidelity
Shining bright at 5500K, the LS C300d casts a powerful light that is both natural
looking and pristine in color. The LS C300d features not only a CRI rating of 95+,
but a TLCI rating of 96+, allowing for extremely precise color accuracy making it
perfect for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio

Portable and Lightweight
Aputure LS C300d maintains its incredibly high output and color fidelity without
any compromise to weight. Though its output is comparable to that of a 2000W
tungsten lamp, the LS C300d weighs less than a quarter of that. Easily held with
one hand, the LS C300d weighs just 2.1kg (4.6 lbs) while a 2000W tungsten lamp
weighs over 9kg (nearly 20 lbs). The LS C300d also simplifies the once-
complicated and heavy process of using light shaping accessories, making it
possible to modify your light using just one hand.

 General Specifications

Power Input ≤300W
Cooling Mode: Active Cooling
TLCI: ≥96
Color Temperature: 5500K200K
CRI: ≥95
Channels: 1/2/3
Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote Range: ≤150m

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