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HollylandMonitor Cage V1 Compatible with most 5-9 inch monitors
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Hollyland Monitor Cage


Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 Compatible with most 5-9 inch monitors

Product Model: Monitor Cage

Product Code: HL31-MONITORCAGE
Price: US$299.00
TSW: 3

HollylandMonitor Cage V1 Compatible with most 5-9 inch monitors HollylandMonitor Cage


Hollyland Monitor Cage V1
Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 is especially designed for directors and
cinematographers as monitor stand system. Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 aims to
improve the comfort and convenience. At the same time provide the possibility of a
large number of accessories installations.

Hollyland Monitor Cage V1 adopts light weight Bracket, with itís thin and light
weight to overturn the traditional heavy impression, enter the Thin and portable

Flexible and Easy Installation
Two installation ways are commonly used, by the 7 inch articulating arm, you can
install the Hollyland Wireless Video Receivers on the Cage Bracket. Prevent the
antennas to be covered and No Signal Transmission Influences directly carry on
the back, parallel to the battery plate. Easy installation and use.

Compatible with Most 5-9 inch Monitors
5-inch Monitor installation
No need disassemble
no need tool installation

9-inch Monitor installation
Adjust the height by lengthening the bar Adapt to the large size monitor.

Rubber handle & Anti-Skid Resistant
The rubber handle is covered with small particles to increase friction. even if you
hold it for a long time, you canhold it tightly and prevent it from falling out.

Users can adjust the buttons according to their own needs adjust the frameís
height and handle angle by Manuel. Improve your handheld comfort during the

 General Specifications

In the Box:
- Hexagon Wrench x1
- Hollyland Monitor cage V1 x1
- Hex Wrench x3
- Screw x3
- Screw Nut x3
- Battery Buckle x1
- Shoulder Neck Strap x1
- Hex Column x2

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