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SonyPXW-Z190 4K 3 CMOS 1/3-inch Sensor XDCAM Camcorder
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Sony PXW-Z190


Sony PXW-Z190 4K 3 CMOS 1/3-inch Sensor XDCAM Camcorder

Product Model: PXW-Z190

Product Code: SN34-PXWZ190
Price: US$3,820.00
TSW: 8

SonyPXW-Z190 4K 3 CMOS 1/3-inch Sensor XDCAM Camcorder SonyPXW-Z190


Sony PXW-Z190 4K 3 CMOS 1/3” Sensor XDCAM Camcorder
The recently launched Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder is a great gadget when it
comes to high video quality. It has inbuilt sensors that improve the recording
quality making the videos more vibrant and clear. Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder
is an all-round camcorder offering various styles of HD recording and 4K
recording. On top of this, the camcorder has combinations you can apply when
shooting to allow for video recording that will suit your specific requirements.

The camcorder’s simple build and solid body make it easy to carry for distant video
recording. It can be used in many different video recording environments making
you enjoy a limitless recording experience with Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder.

Features of Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder
The Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder has three 1/3-inch sensors that are very
effective in improving video recording quality. With the improved Exmor sensors
installed, green, red and blue colours are recorded separately in 4K recording
making the video quality stand out. Face detection is one of the features that the
Sony Z190 4K camcorder has that isn’t available in most Sony 4K camcorders.
This comes with a face registration feature that improves the shooting experience
with Sony.

Sony Z190 4K camcorder can shoot 4K videos at 60 fps which means you won’t
lose any content even when recording fast moving scenes. Another brilliant
feature of the Sony PXW Z190 4K camcorder is the ability to record 4K and HD
simultaneously. This can be very convenient in a situation where real-time
recording is being conveyed. Sony PXW Z190 has an impressive 4 channel audio
recording making it convenient for large events as well as multiple recording at the
same time. Videos and films recorded are stored in an SD memory card which is

 General Specifications

- 4K 1/3-type 3CMOS Sensor
- 25x professional zoom lens with three independent rings
- Advanced Face Detection AF
- Built-in electronic Variable ND Filters
- Instant HDR workflow
- Dual Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
- Dual XLR and 4 Channel Audio
- Dual SD media slots
- Network workflow flexibility
- High quality QoS Streaming to Network RX station (optional)
- XDCAM air secure wireless workflow
- MPEG TS UDP streaming to peripheral common receiver
- FTP Transfer of proxy clip and high resolution clip to remote servers
- Wired LAN streaming and file transfer
- Trimming proxy and high resolution clip prior to sharing
- XAVC Long GOP recording at QFHD and Full-HD
- Broadcast-standard MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD
- DVCAM at 25 Mbps in MXF file format

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