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PanasonicAG-MDC20GJ 4K POVCAM Camera Head
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Panasonic AG-MDC20GJ


Panasonic AG-MDC20GJ 4K POVCAM Camera Head

Product Model: AG-MDC20GJ

Product Code: PN31-AGMDC20GJ
Price: US$1,890.00
TSW: 4.5

PanasonicAG-MDC20GJ 4K POVCAM Camera Head PanasonicAG-MDC20GJ


Compact, Lightweight, Free-Style Shooting Inherited from First-Generation
POVCAM. It features a progressive MOS sensor with a total of 1.276-megapixels.
The high-resolution, progressive sensor also provides a dramatic improvement
over the HD image quality of the previous POVCAM model. FHD image acquisition
uses the AVCHD format for high image quality and a low data rate.

Compact Camera Head for Flexible Installation
• Free style: Compact, lightweight design and remote operation allow the camera
to be installed in places and angles where it previously couldn’t, for free-style
• Optional cables (3 m (9.84 ft) /20 m (65.62 ft)): Identical to the firstgeneration
POVCAM cables for easy system replacement.
• Built-in stereo microphone: For recording both video and sounds.
• Scan Reverse mode: Image inversion for shooting with a ceilingmounted Camera
• Scene files: Auto and three manual setting files allow scene settings
to be switched and saved.

29.5 mm*1 Wide-Angle Optical 20x Zoom Lens
• 29.5 mm*1 Wide-Angle Optical 20x Zoom Lens: Achieves 29.5 mm*1 wide-angle
in spite of its compact size.
• Optical 20x zoom: Covers a range from 29.5 mm*1 wide angle to 612 mm*1 close
ups for various applications.
• Intelligent i.Zoom: Allows shooting up to 30x in HD format (22x in 4K) with high
resolution. Zooms in seamlessly from the optical tele-end.
• Digital zoom: This digital zoom (×1.4/×2/×4/×6/×8) allows zooming without any
change in brightness. Combining optical zoom + intelligent zoom enables zooming
up to a maximum of 240x*2
*1: 35 mm equivalent

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