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Blackmagic DesignCamera Fiber Converter
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Blackmagic Design Camera Fiber Converter


Price: US$2,985.57
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Blackmagic DesignCamera Fiber Converter Blackmagic DesignCINEURSANWFRCAM


Blackmagic Fiber Converter Extend and fully power cameras up to 2 km away
using an open standard SMPTE fiber cable!

Blackmagic Fiber Converter Extend up to 2 km
The Blackmagic Fiber Converter attaches to the back of your URSA Mini or
URSA Broadcast camera. In addition to converting all of the audio, video,
camera control and talkback into fiber, it also adds professional studio camera
controls to the back of your camera. You get control for return feeds, dual
intercom controls with the ability to mix in program audio, record, focus and iris
controls, headset connectors, audio and more.

The camera converter also includes a VLock mount plate on the top for
attaching accessories such as a professional Blackmagic Studio Viewfinder.
The Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter has connections for your Ultra HD
camera feed, 3 HD return feeds, full remote camera control, PTZ, multiple
channels of talkback, tally and more!

 General Specifications

- USB-C Connector
The USB-C port allows you to update internal software.

- 12G-SDI In/Out
Connect the 12G SDI Out from your camera into the 12G SDI In on the
Camera Fiber Converter or 12G SDI Out of the converter into the 12G SDI In
on the camera.

- Headsets
Two female 5 pin XLR connectors allow you to plug in two headsets.

- Tracker
10 pin hirose connector, which sends out an additional intercom output and red
and green tally output.

- SDI Out
Three SDI outputs allow you to output the three return feeds coming from the
switcher to other equipment via 3G SDI.

- SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Optic Connector
Use the Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter’s male connector to plug in the
female end of a SMPTE Fiber cable.

- XLR Audio Inputs
Plug in external analog audio from professional equipment such as
microphones and audio mixers.

- Molex Connetor
Plug the molex connector into the molex socket to power your camera from the

- D Tap Connector
+12V Out to power accessories like an external monitor, up to +11.9V to 14V
DC at 2 amps.

The 9 pin PTZ connector allows you to connect to a PTZ motorized head.

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