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HollylandSYSCOM 1000T*8 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System
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Hollyland SYSCOM 1000T*8


Hollyland SYSCOM 1000T*8 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System

Product Model: SYSCOM 1000T*8

Product Code: HL31-SYSCOM1000T8
Price: US$5,300.00
TSW: 22

HollylandSYSCOM 1000T*8 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System HollylandSYSCOM 1000T*8


Hollyland Syscom 1000T supports 1000ft full-duplex wireless communication,
which can accomplish two-way simultaneous audio signal transmission without
latency. Enhance your interactive experience.

More Beltpacks, More Functions
SYSCOM 1000T One Base Station can work with up to 8 Beltpacks. With
Wireless Tally function, photographers and directors can communicate
accurately by seeing screen color of beltpacks. Besides, Syscom 1000T can
be connected with other intercom systems.

Longer Battery Life
Powered by built-in lithium battery, each Beltpack can provide more the 8
hours of battery life

Appearance Design
Using concise appearance design and industrial metal shell, Syscom 1000T is
a stable and reliable audio transmission system.

 General Specifications

- 1000ft full-duplex wireless communication
- 4 External high-gain antennas
- Support wired & wireless tally
- 1 base station support upto 8 beltpacks
- LCD Screen, Easy to operate
- DC/AC Dual power supply system
- USB upgrade
- Support Connection with Third party Intercom System

In the Box:
- Base Station x1
- Beltpack ( 4 or 8)
- Single-sided Headset
- Type-C Cable
- 1.9G High-gain Antenna
- AC Power Cable
- Gooseneck Microphone
- User manual
- Beltpack Charger

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