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AputureLight Dome II Light Shaping Tool
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Aputure Light Dome II


Aputure Light Dome II Light Shaping Tool

Product Model: Light Dome II

Product Code: AU32-LIGHTDOMEII
Price: US$204.72
TSW: 5

AputureLight Dome II Light Shaping Tool AputureLight Dome II


Standard Cinematic Quality Lighting
The Aputure Light Dome II is flagship light shaping tool. An upgrade from the
First Generation Light Dome, the Light Dome II features even higher quality
diffusion fabric, a rapid build and breakdown system, an included honeycomb
eggcrate, and several more new additions.

Advanced Diffusion Materials
The Aputure Light Dome II comes with two layers of ultra-soft diffusion: Magic
Cloth and Silk Cloth. Combined, these materials turn your hard COB light into a
beautiful soft light that provides a very even wrap around your subject, making
the Light Dome II the perfect accessory for portraits, interviews,
documentaries, music videos, and narratives.

Quick Setup
The new versions of the Light Domes feature a new generation of the quick-
release speed ring. You can now easily install and disassemble the dome in
less than 1 minute. This new generation addresses the needs of creatives who
are on fast-moving sets and need a diffusion solution that can be rapidly set up.

Gel Holder Support
Generation 2 of the Light Dome now includes a gel holder that is carefully
placed to maximize the capabilities of your gels while minimizing the amount of
material needed from them.

Perfectly Round Catchlight
The 35″ Light Dome II uses 16 rods which create 32 points of axis, allowing an
exceptionally round beam of light that is almost a perfect circle. Combining this
with the Aputure COB Series or other compatible Bowens mount fixtures,
creatives are now able to get a precise circular round light that also functions
as a catch light in the eyes of your on-camera talent.

 General Specifications

In the Box:
1x Portable bag
1x Inner diffuser
1x Outer diffusers
1x Honeycomb Grid
1x Gel holder
1x Reflector

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