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RolandRoland UVC-01 USB Video Capture Via HDMI
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Roland UVC-01


Roland Roland UVC-01 USB Video Capture Via HDMI

Product Model: UVC-01

Product Code: RL31-UVC01
Price: US$250.00
TSW: 0.6

RolandRoland UVC-01 USB Video Capture Via HDMI RolandUVC-01


For online content creators, musicians, and gamers to businesses, schools, and houses of
worship, livestreaming is an essential medium for communicating with people around the world.
With the UVC-01, itís never been easier to add high-quality livestreaming capabilities to your
Roland V-series video switcher or favorite HDMI-equipped camera or camcorder.

Just connect to the UVC-01 via HDMI, plug into your computerís USB 3.0 port, and start streaming
to Facebook Live, YouTube, and other popular platforms. Offering plug-and-play operation in a
rugged, pocket-size design, the UVC-01 is ready for action everywhere you go.

Quality You Can Count On
Backed by more than two decades of professional A/V product development, Rolandís UVC-01
drives your livestream with uncompressed 1080p HD image quality, ultra-smooth 60 FPS motion,
and low-latency encoding. And thanks to its hardware-based design, it just works every time you
need itóefficiently, consistently, and reliably.

Plug In and Stream
Once connected, the UVC-01 automatically shows up as a source in your streaming software, with
no drivers or fussy setup required. Like a dedicated webcam, it encodes HDMI to USB video class
and USB audio class formats, letting you instantly stream at superspeed USB 3.0 with any service,
platform, or application that accepts a webcam as its A/V source.

 General Specifications

High-quality HDMI to USB 3.0 video encoder
Plug-and-play USB webcam operation for Mac and Windows computers
Seamlessly works with all Roland V-series switchers with an HDMI output
Also works with most HDMI-equipped cameras and camcorders
Uncompressed 1080p HD at 60 FPS for engaging livestreams
Dedicated analog audio line input for live music versatility
Powered via USB

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