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Grass Valley / CanopusADVC700
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Grass Valley / Canopus ADVC700


Grass Valley / Canopus ADVC700

Product Model: ADVC700

Product Code: CP31-ADVC700
Price: US$1,976.00
TSW: 3

Grass Valley / CanopusADVC700 Grass Valley / CanopusADVC700


Perfect Signal Synchronization: Canopus "PerfectSync":
ADVC700 not only incorporates the same video conversion technology present in
the entire ADVC family of products, providing excellent reproduction of the source
video footage, but also features PerfectSync technology. PerfectSync controls
and synchronizes the transfer rate of IEEE 1394 communication with an external
reference signal. This prevents skipped and duplicate frames and produces
perfect conversion of all frames during analog/DV conversion.

Many of the current analog/DV converters adjust the output by skipping and/or
duplicating frames in order to synchronize the DV signal to an external sync
signal's frame frequency. In these converters, there is no guarantee that all input
frames will output to DV accurately without frame repetition and/or frame drops.
Since ADVC700 is primarily designed for studio environments, frame accuracy is
essential for accurate offline/online editing. With PerfectSync, this is assured.

VTR Control by AV/C-RS422 Conversion:
ADVC700 converts DV device control signals to RS422, to control an external
VTR. Such control makes it possible to take in data from professional VTRs such
as Digital Betacam from any standard DV editing software that features DV
device control.

Professional Video System Input:
Reference input and LTC input/output can be utilized to create a professional
video editing system with editors or switchers.
Reference Input
LTC input/output
Reciprocal TC conversions (LTC, DV TC)

 General Specifications

Technical Specifications:
Video Formats
NTSC: 720x480 @ 29.97fps
PAL/SECAM*: 720x576 @ 25fps
* SECAM input only
Audio Formats
2-channel 48kHz 16-bit
2-channel 32kHz 16-bit, 12-bit (input for two channels only)
Digital Video Input/Output
1 x 4-pin FireWire
1 x 6-pin FireWire
Analog Video Input
1 x Y (BNC)
1 x B-Y (BNC)
1 x R-Y (BNC)
1 x S-Video (4-pin miniDIN)
1 x composite (RCA)
Analog Video Output
1 x Y (BNC)
1 x B-Y (BNC)
1 x R-Y (BNC)
1 x S-Video (4-pin miniDIN)
1 x composite (RCA)
Analog Audio Input (balanced)
XLR-3-31 (female) (1-gnd 2-hot 3-cold)
Analog Audio Output (balanced)
XLR-3-32 (male) (1-gnd 2-hot 3-cold)
Analog Audio Input (unbalanced)
1 x stereo (RCA)
Analog Audio Output (unbalanced)
1 x stereo (RCA)
Peak Meters
48dB to 0dB(FS) display
17dB to 0dB(FS) peak hold
1 x BNC LTC input
1 x BNC LTC output
2 x BNC B.B. input (input and loop thru, automatic 75 Ohm ON/OFF)
Analog video output with REF sync available
Device Control
1 x D-sub 9-pin (female) RS422A
AV/C - RS422A command conversion feature
DC-12V, 2A (AC adapter)
Unit Dimensions

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