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GlidecamX-10 Body-mounted Stabilizer
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Glidecam GLX10


Glidecam X-10 Body-mounted Stabilizer

Product Model: GLX10

Product Code: GC32-GLX10
Price: US$1,943.00
TSW: 23.5

GlidecamX-10 Body-mounted Stabilizer GlidecamGLX10


The GLIDECAM X-10 System includes:
1. Glidecam X-10 Support Arm
2. Glidecam Support Vest
3. Docking Bracket
4. Stainless Steel Arm Post (1)
5. Aluminum Arm Post (1)
6. Steel Weight Plates (6)
7. Hardware and Operations Manual.

Glidecam X-10 Support Arm
The GLIDECAM X-10’s Dyna-Elastic™ Dual-Articulating Support Arm incorporates
38 precision radial bearings within its machined T6 aluminum structure. The
placement and implementation of these double-shielded bearings produce minimal
friction and allow the Dyna-Elastic™ Support Arm to pivot and boom very
smoothly, and with virtually no noise.

Four high-carbon alloy, Extension Springs are employed within the Support Arm’s
hardcoat anodized Exo-Skeletal Shells. Utilizing Class Three Levers, the energy of
the Extension Springs acts upon internal Fulcrum Points, and provides the Support
Arm with its lifting power. The spring tension is field adjustable and allows for
varying camera weights.

Our proprietary spring Inter-X-Change™ system makes the installation and
removal of the springs quick and easy. The Support Arm can be setup and used in
either a Two-Spring Mode, or a Four-Spring Mode. In the Two-Spring Mode, the
Support Arm can hold a total combined camera and hand-held stabilizer weight of
9 pounds. In the Four-Spring Mode, the Support Arm can hold a total combined
camera and hand-held stabilizer weight of 18 pounds.

A key design feature of the Support Arm is that it incorporates our Light-Force™
technology. This literally means that only a "light" force or effort is required by the
operator to hold the arm at any given position, or to boom the arm up and down. It
is this Light-ForceTM feature that provides the operator with the optimum amount
of camera buoyancy or float.

 General Specifications

Glidecam X-10 Support Vest
The Glidecam X-10 Support Vest is lightweight, comfortable and can be adjusted
to fit a wide range of operators. High endurance, dual density, EVA foam padding
and integral T6 aluminum alloy create a vest which can hold and evenly distribute
the weight of the system across the operator's shoulders, back, and hips. For
safety, quick release, high impact buckles allow the vest to be removed quickly.
The Vest’s outer shell is made of 1000 denier cordura fabric, and 7-panel seat belt
strapping, noted as being the best in the industry.

The Glidecam X-10 Support Vest incorporates a unique and proprietary Arm-to-
Vest Connector that allows the angle of the Support Arm to be adjusted relative to
the Support Vest. This Trimming Mechanism allows you to neutralize the weight of
the Support Arm relative to your body’s center of gravity. When set correctly the
effort required while shooting is greatly reduced. Another unique and proprietary
feature of the Arm-to-Vest Connector is that it allows the Support Arm to be
attached and removed from the Vest without affecting the operator’s selected trim

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