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MillerSolo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001)
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Miller Solo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001)


Miller Solo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001)

Product Model: Solo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001)

Product Code: ML32-2001
Price: US$1,095.12
TSW: 7

MillerSolo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001) MillerSolo DV 3-Stage 75mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (2001)


Miller has expanded its Solo DV Tripod range, adding a new 3-stage 75mm option
to the line up. The Solo tripod series are the most versatile tripods available to
cinematographers around the world.
Using the most advanced carbon fibre tubing, Solo tripods give you a solid
operating height in a lean and light design. In addition to the sleek telescoping
design, the new 3-stage Solo DV tripod gives a greater height range with a
lightweight 75mm bowl.
While the new Solo DV 3-stage tripod may be the tallest 75mm tripod available, its
3-stage design offers the smallest packing size for travel. You will not need Baby
Legs or a Hi-hat with the renown super-low Solo tripod range. A low height
setting down to 22cm (8.7in), no spreader and easy ball levelling, you are
guaranteed of superbly stable images from any angle across any terrain.

 General Specifications

Industry-Standard 75mm ball levelling
Unbelievable 9" - 73" height range
Ultra light Carbon, magnesium design
3-position Leg Angle locking - no spreader
3-stage ring lock leg extension
Air Cell carry strap
Spike or wind-down rubber feet

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