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Sony SBS-64G1A


Sony SBS-64G1A

Product Model: SBS-64G1A

Product Code: SN34-SBS64G1A
Price: US$420.00
TSW: 0.6

SonySBS-64G1A SonySBS-64G1A


Sony Corporation has expanded its SxS-1 memory card range with a new
generation of media offering 50% faster transfer speed* and twice the capacity
of previous models. These upgrades significantly enhance XDCAM EX
opportunities and boost the shooting potential of XDCAM as the new PMW-500 will
be a memory-based, shoulder-mounted camcorder.

The new generation SBS64G1A and SBS32G1A SxS-1 memory cards can
transfer data at up to an astonishing 1.2Gbps through ExpressCard slot, without
any special adapter. Thatís 50% faster than the previous generation of SxS-1
cards. This new feature perfectly meets the transfer speed requirements of the
new PMW-500 camcorder, contributing to the improvement of the workflow. Now
professional users will be able to transfer 120 minutes of HD 422 content directly
to a laptop in just 8 minutes* (with the 64GB model).

With the new capacity of 64GB, professional users can capture 120 minutes of
recording in HD 422 50Mbps MXF mode, which is widely used in broadcast area.
Or users can also shoot more than four hours of footage in DVCAM mode or three
hours in HQ mode with XDCAM EX.

New SxS-1 also features its high reliability and durability, offering life time
indication function when using with XDCAM or XDCAM EX, and its wide-range
operation/storage temperature allows users in shooting severe circumstances.

The new generation of SxS-1 memory card is compatible with all XDCAM EX
equipment updated with the latest camcorder firmware. It will also be compatible
with the new PMW-500 camcorder and PDW-HR1 field station with PDBK-MK1
SxS Memory Card adapter.

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