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Litepanels 905-4023 (Croma)


Litepanels Croma

Product Model: 905-4023 (Croma)

Product Code: LP32-CROMA
Price: US$584.10
TSW: 2

LitepanelsCroma Litepanels905-4023 (Croma)


Croma™ is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides
Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output.
it is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers, or
still photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next,
without time to change lighting equipment or add gels. Delivering powerful
performance in a small package, this self-contained light can be a secret weapon
on any set or location, wherever extra kick or nice fill is needed.

•High quality bi-color fixture blending tungsten (3200°) and daylight (5600°) Kelvin
for easy color balance
•Produces naturally soft directional illumination for creative control
•Dimming - 100 to 0% with no noticeable color shift
•Ergonomic and intuitive control of color temperature and dimming
•Rugged black soft touch rubber coated housing
•Mounts on any camcorder, DSLR camera or may be handheld or pole mounted
•Runs on just 9W yet produces output equivalent to a 50W tungsten fixture
•AC/DC operation via six aa batteries or AC i nadapter
•Long Battery life: up to 1.5 hours on fully charged batteries
•Includes black canvas carrying case complete with metal ball head shoe mount
with .-20 thread and diffusion

•Still Photography: On camera and on stand/pole as key fill or backlight
•ENG: On camera run and gun shooting. plus its lightweight for handheld operation
•Interviews: on camera and on stand/pole as key fill or soft backlight—no need to
run power cables
•Secret weapon: on any production set where quick fill or eyelight is needed

 General Specifications

•Output: equivalent to 40W – 90W traditional fixtures
•Maximum Power draw: 9 WattsW
•Weight: 12 ounces (.4 kg)/li>
•Dimensions: 102mm W x 54mm H x 36mm D (6’” W x 4” H x 2”D)
•Power Requirements: 6V to 20V
•Power Supply: 6 aa batteries or AC adaptor
•Carrying casel
•100-0% dimming via fixture dial
•Color temperature: Bi-color blending 3200°-5600° K

•Base plate for off camera use

•Deluxe Ball Head Shoe Mount, Power Supply with International Plug Set, Diffusion
Filter and Carrying Case

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