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Litepanels 907-1001 (Hilio)


Litepanels Hilio

Product Model: 907-1001 (Hilio)

Product Code: LP32-HILIO
Price: US$3,145.00
TSW: 14

LitepanelsHilio Litepanels907-1001 (Hilio)


A LED fixture capable of throwing illumination over a 20 to 25 foot distance.
To answer the need for an LED fixture capable of throwing illumination over a 20
to 25 foot (6.1 - 7.6 M) distance, Litepanels has developed the new Hilio™ 5600°
K. Utilizing an array of 72 one-Watt daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10° angle,
the H2 Hi-Output washes the set in Litepanels legendary HD-friendly LED soft
The new 72W fixture has a 10” x 14” footprint, providing the equivalent light
of a 1000W legacy lighting fixture.
Optimum Control
Like all Litepanels LED lighting fixtures, the new Hi-Output is dimmable from 100%
to 0 with no noticeable change in color temperature. Control is intuitive via a
fixture-mounted knob or from a DMX dimmer board.
Litepanels Benefits
Even though they pack a punch, Litepanels Hilio™ fixtures generate no noticeable
heat. So that means they are safer to handle and there’s no extra expense for
cooling with power-hungry air conditioning. What’s more, the proprietary LEDs
offer 50,000 hour lamp life.
Ready to Go
Litepanels Hilio™ come with an integrated yoke that incorporates a gimbal mount,
and a filter slot that can accept a pair of gel filters.

•HMI replacement with high quality Litepanels illumination
•Eco-friendly – uses up to 95% less energy than conventional lights
•Typical studio ROI is less than 3 years
•72 one-Watt daylight LEDs focused to a 15° angle
•100 to 0% dimming with no noticeable color shift
•High quality light source for interior or exterior use
•Dimming via DMX standard 512 protocol as well as local manual dial
•Sleek footprint in rugged hard anodized aluminum housing

 General Specifications

•Broadcast Studios
•Location Lighting
•Event Lighting

•Output: equivalent to 1000W tungsten or 650W HMi
•Maximum Current Draw: 125W
•Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lbs)/li>
•Dimensions: 356mm W x 254mm H x 102mm D (14” W x 10” H x 4” D)
•Power requirements: 120-240 VAC
•Power supply: 24 VDC AC adapter
•DMX: integrated DMX interface for dimming via Standard 512 protocol
•100-0% dimming via on-fixture dial or DMX

•Gel set with bag

•Yoke, Power Supply

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