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Grass Valley / CanopusADVC-HDM1
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Grass Valley / Canopus ADVCHDM1


Grass Valley / Canopus ADVC-HDM1

Product Model: ADVCHDM1

Product Code: ADVCHDM1
Price: US$5,841.00
TSW: 3

Grass Valley / CanopusADVC-HDM1 Grass Valley / CanopusADVCHDM1


Realtime HD-SDI/HDV Converter

The Grass Valley ADVCHDM1 converter, engineered by Canopus, brings the
world-renowned ADVC lineup into the high definition world, providing editors with
high-quality bidirectional conversion between HD-SDI and HDV, complete with
embedded audio. ADVCHDM1 not only lets you easily and instantly convert HD-SDI
output to HDV and ingest HDV material into HD-SDI systems for archiving, but it
can also encode HD MPEG-2 transport streams up to a full 1920x1080 resolution,
using any one choice of eight different bitrate settings that best suits your
workflow. And as always with an ADVC product, you’re assured of platform-
agnostic support, whether using a Windows- or Mac OS-based NLE application,
NTSC or PAL video, or a camera, deck, or video editing board

 General Specifications

Digital Video Input/Output (HDV)
1 x 4-pin FireWire
1 x 6-pin FireWire
Digital Video Input (HD-SDI)
2 x BNC (HD-SDI and active loop-through, SMPTE 292M)
Digital Video Output (HD-SDI)
2 x BNC (HD-SDI, SMPTE 292M)
Digital Audio Input/Output (HD-SDI)
Embedded Audio Input (SMPTE 299M ch1, ch2 only)
Embedded Audio Output (SMPTE 299M stereo 16-bit/48kHz/Locked)
1 x BNC LTC input
1 x BNC LTC output
DVITC input (HD-SDI de-embedded)
DVITC output (HD-SDI embedded)
Device Control
1 x 9-pin D-Sub RS-422A (Control)
1 x 9-pin D-Sub RS-422A (Device)
1 x 9-pin D-Sub RS-232C (external control)
Only one control port can be in use at any one time
Supported MPEG-2 TS Encoding Formats

HDV (auto select)
HD1: 720/59.94p, 720/50p (Video bitrate: 18.3Mbps; Audio stream: stereo MPEG
Audio Layer 2 384kbps)
HD2 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i (Video bitrate: 25Mbps; Audio stream: stereo MPEG
Audio Layer 2 384kbps)
Additional Formats (dip switch select)
Video bitrate: 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 40Mbps
Audio stream: MPEG Audio Layer 2, 384kbps

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