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JVCDT-R24L41D 24 inch High Definition LCD Monitor
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JVC DT-R24L41D 24 inch High Definition LCD Monitor

Product Model: DT-R24L41D

Product Code: JV19-DTR24L41D
Price: US$3,217.00
TSW: 24

JVCDT-R24L41D 24 inch High Definition LCD Monitor JVCDT-R24L41D


The DT-R24L41D 24 inch HD monitor provides customers an attractive choice for
multi-format monitor selection. Designed as a cost- effective alternative to our DT-
V G-Series it includes excellent basic performance features such as high quality
picture, a robust design and 10-bit processing.

Convenient functions and user-friendly design offer outstanding versatility, making
these multi-format LCD monitors ideal for diverse professional applications.

Key Features:
- 1920 x 1200 resolution
- Progressive audio level measurement
- HD-SDI support
- 1 DVI with HDCP
- Video with loop through option
- 10-bit video processing
- S-VA LCD panel providing improved contrast and black levels

 General Specifications

- 1920 x 1200 resolution (W-UXGA)
- 24 inch active matrix TFT panel
- 1000:1 contrast ratio
- 5ms typical response time
- 16.77 million colours
- Progressive audio level measurement
- 2 standard 1.5 G HDSDI inputs with switched loop through output
-1 DVI with HDCP
-Video with loop through option
-10-bit video processing
- S-VA LCD panel providing improved contrast and black levels
- Viewing angle (physical 178 degrees, visual 90 degrees)
- Supports LTC & VITC timecode overlay
- Numerous marker functions
- Audio level display up to 12 channels
- The channel number is featured on every level bar, allowing easy checking of
the status of the audio signal, reference level/overdriving 0 dB, adjusted level and
top holding value function
- Built-in speaker
- WSS supported (automatic or manual aspect change)
- Sources ID input with ASCII code
- Lip synchronisation depending on input signals, less than 1 frame
- Easy-to-use controls on the front panel
- 3-step front lock
- LED dimmer function on the front
- RS-232C, RS-485 remote control
- ITU 709 mode
- CTI and LTI functions
- Power save mode

SD SDI: ITU-R BT.656: 525/625, SMPTE 259M:525
Embedded audio:SMPTE 299M, SMPTE 272M

Video inputs/outputs:
HD/SD SDI (IN1/IN2): BNC (1)
Video 1: BNC (2) IN/OUT
Video 2: BNC (2) IN/OUT
DVI-D (HDCP): DVI-D connector (1)

Audio inputs/outputs:
Audio IN1: RCA (2) audio assign
Audio IN2: RCA (2) audio assign
Audio monitor out: RCA (2) audio assign

- Operating temperature: 5˚C - 35˚C
- Operating humidity: 20% - 80%
- Power requirements: AC 120/220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Dimensions: 564mm (W) x 408mm (H) x 99mm (D)
- Weight: 8.6kg

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