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Blackmagic DesignDVI Extender
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Blackmagic Design HDLEXT-DVI


Blackmagic Design DVI Extender

Product Model: HDLEXT-DVI

Product Code: BL31-HDLEXTDVI
Price: US$394.67
TSW: 0.5

Blackmagic DesignDVI Extender Blackmagic DesignHDLEXT-DVI


Route your computers monitor via SDI video cables!
Now you can route your computer monitor via your SDI router! DVI Extender lets
you extend the DVI-D connection to your computer monitor via simple SDI cables!
Now it's much easier to connect your computer displays anywhere in your facility,
or even to more than one monitor when using any 3 Gb/s SDI router. DVI Extender
also works as a regular DVI to SD/HD-SDI video converter, that's perfect for
broadcast graphics!

Route your Computer Monitor
Imagine the creative freedom to design your facility the way you want! Now you
can move noisy computers out of client rooms plus you can even have a duplicate
computer monitor for your client to watch! DVI Extender is easy to use and plugs
into an HDLink Pro or HDLink Optical Fiber converter at the other end of the monitor
extension. This means you can use a single monitor for either computer or video

Built in SDI Audio Embedding
DVI Extender includes a 3.5mm audio mini jack input so you can connect audio
from your computer! That means you get full 3D accelerated graphics and audio
from your computer to SDI. Perfect for digital signage, Flash™ playback,
PowerPoint™, gaming and more! Now any software can be output to SDI!

Full Digital Quality
Unlike older scan converters, DVI Extender is a full digital converter that connects
the DVI-D output on your computer to SDI equipment. That's a direct pixel-for-pixel
digital connection to SDI, which is the highest quality possible and eliminates all
scaling problems! That means longer cable lengths, without glitches in your video.

 General Specifications

Video Input: 1 x DVI-D
Video Output: 1 x 3 Gb/s SD/HD-SDI
Audio Input: 1 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack
Video Mode Resolutions: When set to Video mode based resolutions DVI Extender
will output conventional SDI video to match the selected video standard.
Select 720 x 486 for 525i/59.94 (NTSC), 720 x576 for 625i/50 (PAL), 1280 x 720
for 720HD and 1920 x 1080 for 1080HD video formats.

Updates and Configuration: USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s) interface.
Extender mode compatibility: Extender mode is compatible with the following
HDLink models: HDLink Pro DVI, HDLink Pro 3D, HDLink Optical Fiber, HDLink Pro
USB: 1 x USB 2.0 port and cable.
Power Requirements: Requires USB 2.0 connection for power. Compatible with
iPod USB power adapter.
Product Warranty: 12 Months

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