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Anton BauerDIONIC HCX Battery
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Anton Bauer DIONIC HCX


Anton Bauer DIONIC HCX Battery

Product Model: DIONIC HCX

Product Code: AB32-DIONICHCX

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Anton BauerDIONIC HCX Battery Anton BauerDIONIC HCX


The DIONIC® HCX is the latest addition to our high current product line. With a 124
watt-hour capacity and the ability to sustain a 10 amp draw, the DIONIC HCX will
run a 40 watt camera with a 20 watt light for 2 hours. The motion detection
feature incorporates a “deep sleep” setting that reduces battery self-discharge,
allowing for extended periods of storage with minimal capacity loss. The battery
may be “awakened” by the built in motion sensor. To provide precise run-time
data, an
enhanced RealTime® LCD fuel gauge has been incorporated to display up to nine
hours of run-time (under low power load conditions) using a seven-segment
display enclosed by four circular arcs that indicate 15-minute time intervals.

 General Specifications

• Size: 4.06 x 5.47 x 3.00 in (10.31 x 13.89 x 7.62 cm)
• Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
• 124 Wh (Nominal 124 Wh; Typical 118 Wh) Li Ion battery
• Sleep Feature/Motion Detection
• NEW RealTime LCD Display
• Ideal for High Current Applications

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