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Vinten V3996-0001


Vinten V3996-0001

Product Model: V3996-0001

Product Code: VT32-V39960001
Price: US$17,720.00
TSW: 20

VintenV3996-0001 VintenV3996-0001


The Vector 950 offers an increased capacity of up to 120 kg and at this
payload provides 60 of perfectly balanced tilt, allowing the safe control of
today's long OB lenses.

The compact and durable Vector 950 head incorporates a wealth of
features. Set-up is aided through the inclusion of a tilt deadlock, Quickfix
groove in the base, retractable carry handle and illuminated controls, as
well as an LCD display that offers a 24 hour clock, stopwatch and
counterbalance readout that can be set for known payloads. The pan and
tilt brakes are positioned at the rear of the head, making them easily
accessible, and the camera plate can be simply adjusted forward and back
using a retractable, ergonomically designed adjuster.

The Vector 950 features TF Drag, allowing outstanding whip pan control
and an extensive operational temperature range from-40C through to +60
C. The high output tilt drag modules also provide superb holding force and
enhanced control in windy conditions. Combining these characteristics with
infinite Perfect Balance adjustment ensures that the effort needed to
control the effect of a heavy, moving camera payload remains constant and
predictable, eliminating a major distraction during filming.
* Infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance system
* TF Drag offers extensive operational temperature range and enhanced
* Illuminated controls for low-light situations
* Counterbalance readout for repeatable camera set-up
* Up to 90 of tilt

 General Specifications

Height: 24.8 cm / 9.8 "
Length: 22.5 cm / 8.9 "
Width: 34.2 cm / 13.5 "
Weight: 16.6 kg / 36.6 lbs
Capacity Range: 16 to 120 kg / 35 to 264.5 lbs
Tilt Range: 90 @ 60 kg / 132.3 lbs
60 @ 120 kg / 264.5 lbs
Platform Adjustment: +5.5 to -12.5 cm / +2.2 to -4.9 "
Pan Bar: Single telescopic
Camera Fixing: Wedge adaptor
Levelling Bubble: Illuminated
Drag Knobs: Backlit and calibrated
Counterbalance: Fully variable with digital readout
Base Fixing: 4-bolt flat with Quickfix groove
Colour: Black

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