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PetrolPM805 Deca 5” Monitor Bag
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Petrol PM805


Petrol PM805 Deca 5” Monitor Bag

Product Model: PM805

Product Code: PT32-PM805
Price: US$126.00
TSW: 3.5

PetrolPM805 Deca 5” Monitor Bag PetrolPM805


This lightweight, padded shoulder bag’s top flap opens envelope-style into a sturdy
four-sided hood designed to aid shading and viewing. Hood sections provide easy
access via hook and loop material to the monitor’s screen and front panel, which
are protected by a clear vinyl shield. When the hood is not needed, the four
sections fold down to cover and safeguard the sensitive LCD screen and other
contents. At the rear, an exterior storage pocket offers the perfect place for
stowing an external battery. Vents at the top of the back compartment allow for
the connection of power cables from the pocket to the bag’s interior. An internal
bungee cord secures the monitor in place. Petrol Bags’ ingenious design includes
a convenient bottom docking slot with zippers and adjustable safety strap to allow
easy mounting of the monitor on an external arm, and quick connection of external
cables, while the monitor is still cradled within the bag itself.

 General Specifications

· Top flap opens envelope-style into sturdy 4-sided hood that aids shading and
· Easy access via hook and loop material to monitor’s screen and front panel
· Screen and front panel protected by transparent polyurethane (TPU) shield
· Hood sections fold down to cover and protect LCD screen and other contents
· Exterior rear pocket for storing external battery
· Vents at top of back compartment connect power cables to bag’s interior
· Internal bungee cord secures monitor in place
· Bottom docking slot enables mounting of monitor and bag on external arm
· Soft-grip carry handle
· Adjustable Neoprene shoulder strap

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