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LitepanelsInca 6 Tungsten LED Fresnel
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Litepanels 906-2003 (Inca6)


Litepanels Inca 6 Tungsten LED Fresnel

Product Model: 906-2003 (Inca6)

Product Code: LP32-INCA6
Price: US$1,796.00
TSW: 5

LitepanelsInca 6 Tungsten LED Fresnel Litepanels906-2003 (Inca6)


Focusable tungsten balanced LED Fresnel, lightweight and energy efficient.

The Inca 6 derives its name from the incandescent lighting fixtures it replaces. The
Inca 6™ incorporates the latest technology to provide the all the benefits of LED
technology, and the classic Fresnel light design, in a tungsten color output fixture.
Inca Series Fresnels are ideal for applications where LED fixtures are required to
be matched with existing incandescent lighting, or wherever warmer color
temperatures are preferred. The Inca 6 is a powerful tungsten-balanced DMX-
controllable LED Fresnel. It shares many of the features of the popular Sola 6
daylight fixture, providing the controllability and light shaping properties inherent in
a Fresnel light at a small fraction of the power draw of conventional incandescent
fixtures. Like the rest of the company’s LED Fresnel fixtures, the Inca 6 provides
Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light..

 General Specifications

• Size 11 x 10 x 15" / 28 x 25 x 38cm
• Weight 9.10 lbs / 4.13kg
• Fresnel Lens 6 inch (15.24cm)
• Maximum Power Draw
104W (less when dimmed)
• Power Requirements
14-28VDC / 100-240VAC
• Power Supply AC/DC 120-240VAC
DC power via 3 pin XLR
• Includes 8-way barn doors, yoke with junior pin adapter, power supply

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