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DatavideoHDR-60 HD/SD Digital Video Recorder
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Datavideo HDR-60


Datavideo HDR-60 HD/SD Digital Video Recorder

Product Model: HDR-60

Product Code: DV31-HDR60
Price: US$2,000.00
TSW: 2.5

DatavideoHDR-60 HD/SD Digital Video Recorder DatavideoHDR-60


Note : This offer come with 2 x 500GB HDD and 2 x enclosure
The Datavideo HDR-60 is a hard drive based video recorder, with removable hard
drive enclosure, designed for studio desktop applications.

The HDR-60 records from both High and Standard Definition video equipment via
HD/SD-SDI. The HDR-60 comes with a removable hard drive enclosure. Additional
enclosures are also available and the HDR-60 is compatible with SSD drives.

Once you have completed your recording, simply eject the hard drive enclosure
and use USB 2.0 to connect to a PC or MAC based NLE system. The USB port
provides power to the unit. It’s perfect for use with laptops in the field. You can
work directly from the removable drive, or copy video files to your NLE’s video

 General Specifications

• 1080p Recording - HDR-60 can record in 1080p, as well as 1080i, 720p, 576i,
and 480i.
• Accidental Power-Off Protection - In the case of an accidental power-off, like a
blackout, the recorded file will still be saved, minus 2 seconds at the end of the file.
• NTFS - HDR-60 uses the NTFS file system.
• On the Fly - Media files are made on the fly with the HDR-60.
• Time Code - HDR-60 has time code input and output.
• Gen-Lock - HDR-60 features gen-lock input and pass-through.
• Locking Power Connector - Locking connectors keep the power plug securely
• Power-On Features - HDR-60 has Power-On Record and Power-On Play.
• Timelapse Recording - HDR-60 is able to do timelapse recording.
• Ref-In - HDR-60 has Ref-in/loop-through, Black Burst, and Tri-level Signal.

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