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PetrolPS617 Large Lightweight Audio Bag
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Petrol PS617


Petrol PS617 Large Lightweight Audio Bag

Product Model: PS617

Product Code: PT32-PS617
Price: US$283.00
TSW: 4.5

PetrolPS617 Large Lightweight Audio Bag PetrolPS617


Optimally designed for soundmen who use the Sound Devices 664 mixer, with or
without the CL6 Controller. Ready to work with the user, this wearable carrier
offers the ideal combination of user comfort, equipment organization, and
practicality in the field. Within the bag, the mixer and controller are fully accessible
and readouts are easily viewable. It offers a roomy, cushioned main compartment
to safeguard delicate equipment. The standard removable internal divider
accommodates the 664 Mixer and attached CL6 Controller, while offering easy
access to the unit’s XLR connectors.

 General Specifications

· Optimally designed to transport sound equipment comfortably and securely, and
keep it safe, organized and accessible while working
· Ultra lightweight (weighs 1.94kg/4.3lbs)
· Interior can accommodate SD664 mixer with CL6 controller attached
· Fully padded to safeguard contents
· Removable internal dividers for custom configuration
· Free access to all mixer panels
· Transparent top window allows easy viewing of controls (serviceable up to
minus 5 degrees C)
· Full access for connector cables to devices in the bag’s front and rear
· Convenient bottom opening provides quick and easy access to ‘com’ and ‘word
block’ connectors
· Multiple storage pockets for batteries, cassettes, connectors etc
· External front accessories pocket
· 2 expandable snap-on pouches house transmitters or wireless receivers
· A special detachable frame to hold up to 8 wireless receiver/transmitters is
· Padded adjustable shoulder strap

Compatible With
Sound Devices
SD-664 | SD-664 + CL-6 Controller |

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