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PanasonicAK-HVF70G 7-inches LCD Color Viewfinder
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Panasonic AK-HVF70G


Panasonic AK-HVF70G 7-inches LCD Color Viewfinder

Product Model: AK-HVF70G

Product Code: PN31-AKHVF70G
Price: US$1,610.00
TSW: 4

PanasonicAK-HVF70G 7-inches LCD Color Viewfinder PanasonicAK-HVF70G


The AK-HVF70 is a seven-inch color LCD electronic viewfinder (EVF) that
provides superb picture quality with SWVGA (1,024 x 600 pixels) resolution. It
includes as contrast, brightness and peaking adjustments, and is equipped
three user assignable function switches. The compact EVF features a "Focus
Red" function, which highlights the edges of an object in red, and a "Pixel-to-
function, which allows the inputted video to be displayed without resizing.
Additional EVF options for the HC3800 include the two-inch HD monochrome,
model AJ-HVF21KG, and the one-inch, color LCD, model AJ-CVF100G.

 General Specifications

Power Supply: DC 12 V (supplied by the camera)
Power Consumption: 10 W
Operating Temperature: 0 C to 45 C (32 F to 113 F)
Storage Temperature: -20 C to 60 C (-4 F to 140 F)
Operating Humidity: 10% to 85% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 243.5 mm x 212 mm x 172 mm
(919/32 inches x 811/32 inches x 625/32 inches) (with hood attached)
243.5 mm x 212 mm x 85 mm
(919/32 inches x 811/32 inches x 311/32 inches) (without hood)
Weight: Approx. 1.6 kg (approx. 3.53 lb) (without hood)
Panel Size: 177.8 mm (7.0 inches)
Number of Pixels: 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
Display Colors: Approx. 16,200,000 colors
Operation Panel: POWER switch x 1, MENU button x 1
SELECT dial x1, Function buttons x 3
Picture adjusting knobs x 3
Connectors: Camera I/F connector (D-Sub 29-pin x 1)

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