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SonyMCS-8M Compact HD/SD Switcher
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Sony MCS-8M


Sony MCS-8M Compact HD/SD Switcher

Product Model: MCS-8M

Product Code: SN34-MCS8M
Price: US$9,300.00
TSW: 11

SonyMCS-8M Compact HD/SD Switcher SonyMCS-8M


All-in-one High-performance Switcher with Simple and Intuitive Design
The MCS-8M is a multi-format switcher with a built-in audio mixer and frame
synchronizer. Inside a compact body, the MCS-8M packs excellent cost efficiency
and affordability along with a great range of features.

This user-friendly, multi-format switcher has many preset DME wipe patterns, a
built-in Multi-viewer, one-channel frame memory output, an Input Freeze function
for each source, the ability to import still images via USB port, a 3D Mode function,
a six-channel audio mixer, and more.

In addition, the MCS-8M Multi-format Compact Switcher is designed to be intuitive
and simple to operate an ideal content creation tool for live event programming.
Affordable and powerful, it can handle wedding functions, product promotions,
event and live staging, music clip creation, and all types of business activity
including conferences and seminars.

 General Specifications

8 Inputs: Multi-format Capability
HD Mode: (4 x HD-SDI, 3 x HDMI, 1x DVI-I) with Frame Synchronizer function
SD Mode: (4 x SD-SDI, 3 x Analog Composite, 1 x DVI-I) with Frame Synchronizer
4 Inputs: Multi-format Capability
HD Mode: PGM (HD-SDI), AUX1 (HD-SDI), AUX2 (HD-SDI and DVI-D), Multi-viewer
(DVI-D and HD-SDI)
SD Mode: PGM (SD-SDI), AUX1 (SD-SDI), AUX2 (SD-SDI and Analog Composite),
Multi-viewer (DVI-D and SD-SDI)
Multi-viewing function
This function splits the screen into ten or four windows to show multiple images
on a single monitor.
1 Keyer
Self, Split, Auto Select, Linear, Pattern, Auto Chromakey, Border (Flat Colour)
Keyer Transition
Cut, Mix, Standard Wipe patterns, Transition rate settings
3D Mode
(L/R Link Cut, Mix, Side-By-Side Output)
Background Transition
Cut, Mix, Standard Wipe patterns, DME Wipe patterns, Transition rate settings
Additional Features
1M/E + 1 Key + Aux Mix
1-ch Frame Memory Output
Input Freeze function for each source
Import Still Image function via USB port
6-ch Audio Mixer function with audio delay

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