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DataVideoDAC-80 Audio Isolation Transformer
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DataVideo DAC-80


DataVideo DAC-80 Audio Isolation Transformer

Product Model: DAC-80

Product Code: DV31-DAC80
Price: US$110.00
TSW: 3

DataVideoDAC-80 Audio Isolation Transformer DataVideoDAC-80


DAC-80 is designed to remove hum and buzz created by ground loops. Normal
voltage differences in the system grounding points between different pieces of
equipment cause small AC power currents to flow in the shield of audio cables.
Capacitance between a power transformer’s primary and secondary windings
introduce signals to the circuit ground, which will also create small current flows
the cable shield. Either of these problems will create hum in audio signals. DAC-
80 breaks the inter-equipment ground path and greatly increases the rejection in
the input circuits while remaining transparent to the audio signal.

• Easy to Use
Simply connect the input and output XLR cables to use the DAC-80.

• Eliminate Audio Noise
DAC-80 removes audio noise caused by ground loops.

• Low Signal Loss / Distortion
DAC-80 is designed for low signal loss and low distortion.

• No Power Needed
Since DAC-80 is a passive device, no power is required for it to function.

• RMK-2 Compatible
DAC-80 is compatible with the RMK-2 holder, for holding multiple converters and
distribution amplifiers in a 2RU space.

• MB-5 Compatible
This DAC is compatible with the MB-5 velcro strap adapter, which helps keep the
DAC out of the way, preventing accidental tripping.

 General Specifications

Impedance: 600 Ohm +/- 10% (input & output)
Bandidth Frequency: 20Hz ~20KHz ±0.3dB
THD: 1KHz : less than 0.015% @ +4dBu; 20Hz: 0.05% @+4dBu
Insertion loss: less than 0.5dB
Turns Ration: 1:1
Inputs: 2x XLR (ch1 and ch2)
Outputs: 2x XLR (ch1 and ch2)
Dimensions: 85mm x 45.2mm x 111.5mm (3.35in. x 1.78in. x 4.39in.)
What’s in the Box: DAC-80 Unit
Instruction Manual

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