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Convergent DesignOdyssey 7Q+ Video Monitor / Recorder
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Convergent Design CD-Odyssey7Q+


Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ Video Monitor / Recorder

Product Model: CD-Odyssey7Q+

Price: US$2,230.00

Odyssey 7Q+ TSW: 3

Convergent DesignOdyssey 7Q+ Video Monitor / Recorder Convergent DesignOdyssey 7Q+ Video Monitor / Recorder


The Odyssey7Q+ is the most advanced, most capable, most versatile monitor/ recorder in the
world. The Odyssey7Q+ can record HD/2K/UHD/4K. It can record them via SDI and HDMI. It can
record RAW (with
Record Options), uncompressed DPX, and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). The Odyssey7Q+ features an
OLED 1280x800 monitor with true blacks, accurate colors, extended color gamut and a 176
viewing angle.
Along with the best image in the industry, the Odyssey7Q+ also features an extensive array of
image analysis tools, including an RGB waveform, RGB Histogram, False Color, Pixel Zoom with
finger drag, three-
mode Focus Assist and monitoring LUTs.
The unique Multi-Stream Monitoring mode allows up to four HD video inputs to be viewed at once
in a quad-split view or to be live-switched between in full screen.
The Odyssey7Q+ weighs a little over one pound, is just one inch thick and can run on any power
source from 6.5-34 volts.

 General Specifications

7.7” OLED, 1280x800, RGB 8-bit panel, ~16 million colors, wide gamut, 3400:1
contrast ratio, 176° viewing, true blacks

SDI Video I/O
HD-SDI/1.5G / 3G support: Single/Dual/Quad Link inputs (HD/2K/Ultra-HD &
supported), Dual HD-SDI 1.5G outputs, Full-size BNCs

HDMI Video Input
HDMI Version 1.4a support, 8-bit/10-bit 422 (depending on source signal), up
1080p60, up to 30 fps in Ultra-HD (3840 x 2160) and up to 24 fps in 4K (4096

HDMI Video Output
HDMI Version 1.4a support, 8-bit 422, up to 1080p30

OLED Monitor
Vertical Auto-Flip (defeatable), Adjustable Color to match other monitor’s
calibration, Adjustable Saturation

Digital Audio I/O
2-channel SDI or HDMI embedded audio (48KHz, 24-bit)

Analog Audio I/O
3.5mm port for line level 2-channel unbalanced or 1-channel balanced input up
to -
10dB, 48KHz, 24-bit, 3.5mm stereo headphone output, adjustable

User Interface
Capacitive Touchscreen, three mechanical keys

Sound Level
Silent, no fan or vents, no RF emissions

DC Power Input
6.5 to 34VDC with built-in reverse polarity protection; locking power connector,
built-in power switch

Power Draw
8 watts (monitor only), 9 to 18 watts (depending on selected record mode)

Weight and Size
560 grams / 1.2 lbs., 7.9”x 6.1”x 1.0” (200 x 155 x 25 mm),
-10 to +40°c (Operating), -20 to +70°c (storage)

Recording Media (Dual SSD Slots)
Convergent Design Premium 2.5” SSDs with power-loss protection, in 256GB,
512GB and 1 TB sizes, 420Mb/sec write, 500Mb/sec read speed, compatible
USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt Adapters. SSDs and adapters sold separately.

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