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Anton BauerV190 Digital V-Mount Battery
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Anton Bauer V190


Anton Bauer V190 Digital V-Mount Battery

Product Model: V190

Product Code: AB32-V190
Price: US$650.00
TSW: 1.5

Anton BauerV190 Digital V-Mount Battery Anton BauerV190


A high quality V-Mount battery line with significant improvements made to the
traditional V-Mount design, setting a new standard for the industry.

The Digital Battery Series is designed to power contemporary digital productions
and offers world-class levels of safety, performance and reliability in a sleek,
ergonomic design.

Truly Digital: Designed to limit the high frequency “ringing” produced by digital
equipment on start up.

Easy to Read LCD Display: Conveniently reports run-time in hours and minutes
when attached to a device. The display automatically changes to show battery
charge as a percentage of full when not attached to a device or when no load is
placed on the battery.

Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold, rubber over mold helps grip and cushions shock.

Electrically and Mechanically Safe: Multiple sensors detect temperature and over-
current states making these the safest batteries on the market.
Updated “honeycomb” design provides mechanical separation between each cell
in the pack to allow for airflow and to isolate cells from potential cascading

 General Specifications

• Voltage: 14.4 volts
• Watt hour rating: 190 WH
• Wattage: 190 w/h
• Camera interface: V-Mount
• Size: 8.38 x 16.51 x 11.18 cm
• Weight: 1.6 kg
• Chemistry: Lithium-ion
• PowerTap®: Yes
• Warranty info: MAXX II - Two year conditional warranty

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