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LitepanelsSola 9 Daylight LED Fresnel (EU Version)
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Litepanels 906-5101 (Sola9-EU)


Litepanels Sola 9 Daylight LED Fresnel (EU Version)

Product Model: 906-5101 (Sola9-EU)

Product Code: LP32-SOLA9EU
Price: US$2,993.00
TSW: 9.001

LitepanelsSola 9 Daylight LED Fresnel (EU Version) Litepanels906-5101 (Sola9-EU)


The Sola 9 LED Fresnel provides the daylight balanced illumination on an HMI
Fresnel, while offering all the benefits of Litepanels’ proprietary LED fixture
designs. The custom 9" Fresnel lens emits an even, collimated light source that
can be focused and controlled for maximum flexibility.
Powerful output ideal for broadcast and production applications The high quality,
full spectrum light produced by Litepanels’ patented LEDs is visually accurate and
powerful. While the high CRI LEDs in the versatile Sola 9 are optimized for lighting
talent with today’s modern camera sensors, they also offer a host of additional
applications. The high output allows the Sola 9 to balance natural light in full
daylight exterior or interior situations, and it can serve as an artificial sunlight
source through a window or other opening on a stage or location setting.

Cost effective features delivering strong ROI.These energy efficient fixtures draw
a mere 190 watts of electricity and generate only a small amount of heat, allowing
for greatly reduced HVAC costs. An integrated DMX module offers
unprecedented control by allowing not only remote dimming, which eliminates the
need for expensive dimmers and a climate controlled dimmer room, but also remote
focus control, which makes cumbersome ladders a thing of the past when it
comes to adjusting focus. The proprietary DMX module works with readily
available & affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections via any standard DMX512
protocol device.

What's in the box: Sola 9 Daylight Fresnel fixture with 9-inch lens, 4-Way (8-Leaf)
Barndoor, Manual Yoke, Power Supply and US & EU Power Cords.

 General Specifications

• Max. power draw (Watts): 190
• Comparative output: 1kW Tungsten
• Beam angle (degrees): 15 - 54
• Remote control available: Yes
• Optics: 9” / 22.86cm dia Fresnel Lens
• Weight: 7.53 kg
• Power supply: AC/DC 120-240VAC
• Fixture type: Fresnel Fixture
• Colour temperature: Daylight

View Details: 906-5101 (Sola9-EU)

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