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LitePanelsCroma Flight Kit
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LitePanels 905-4000 (Croma Flight Kit)


LitePanels Croma Flight Kit

Product Model: 905-4000 (Croma Flight Kit)

Price: US$2,025.00
TSW: 5

LitePanelsCroma Flight Kit LitePanels905-4000 (Croma Flight Kit)


Litepanels Croma Flight Kit™ is the most versatile LED lighting kit yet. Based
around the variable color temperature Litepanels Croma™, this lightweight and
compact kit comes with a wealth of power options, mounting options and can
even expand with the addition of extra fixtures later.

The Croma Flight Kit offers a variety of mounting options as well. It comes with
three compact light stands that extend from 19.3” to 6.2’ (49cm to 1.9m), as well
as a Manfrotto Justin Spring Clamp that can be mounted in almost any tough-to-
place location. Also included are three ball head shoe mounts that can be
combined with the stand mount adapters for maximum flexibility in positioning.

The Trolley-style hard case included with the Croma Flight Kit features a custom
foam insert to safely and securely store all the items included with the kit. The total
weight of the lighting kit is merely 26 pounds (11.8 kg).

- Easy color balance from tungsten to daylight, or anywhere in between
- Integrated smooth dimming from 100% to 0 with no color shift
- Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
- Rugged and soft black rubberized housing
- Ergonomic and intuitive controls
- Litepanels Cool to the Touch™ heat-free LED technology
- Mounts on camcorders, DSLR cameras, stands, or handheld
- Powered by AC adapter, 6 AA batteries or D-Tap power cable
- Up to 1.5 hour battery operation
- 9W draw with output comparable to a 40W HMI or 90W Tungsten fixture
- The Croma has been tested & approved for use using the Anton/Bauer
professional batteries and a D-Tap Cable

What's in the box: [Croma, Diffusion Gel, Ball Head Shoe Mount, Conversion Kit,
Stand Adapter, Power Supply with international plug set, Compact Stand], Justin
Spring Clamp, Trolley Case.

 General Specifications

- Max. power draw (Watts): 9
- Comparative output: 40W HMI or 90W Tungsten on-camera fixture
- Beam angle (degrees): 50
- Optics: Flood - integrated into 5mm LED
- Weight: 0.3 kg
- Power supply: 6-20VDC / 100-240VAC
- Fixture type: Lighting kit
- Colour temperature: Bi-colour

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