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PanasonicAW-HEA10WPJ PTZ Control Assist Camera (White)
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Panasonic AW-HEA10WPJ


Panasonic AW-HEA10WPJ PTZ Control Assist Camera (White)

Product Model: AW-HEA10WPJ

Product Code: PN31-AWHEA10WPJ
Price: US$1,199.00
TSW: 3.5

PanasonicAW-HEA10WPJ PTZ Control Assist Camera (White) PanasonicAW-HEA10WPJ


The new control system "tap assist" camera from Panasonic offers a
view of any scene, thanks to the super wide angle. At the same time, it can
as a camera using the HDMI output as a tool of analysis of the images able to
control the main camera installed on it. The AW-HEA10 is compatible with
such as AW-HE40 , AW-HE60 and AW-HE130 , which allows you to control
simply via an app for iPad.

The app for iPad "PTZ CNTRL", available for free in the App Store, ensures
complete control of the camera using an intuitive interface - which makes this
system perfect for the non-professional camera applications in areas such as
education, the great companies and government agencies.

With controllers for conventional camera, sometimes the operator may lose the
main external events into the scene. Thanks to the control system "tap assist"
the camera, the user can examine the action in the preview display tablet wide
angle and react in real time to any event by simply touching the tablet. So even
when shooting in rapidly changing circumstances do not lose detail.

The zoom can be controlled simply by "pinching" the screen of the tablet or via
command on the screen. Also you can select up to nine shots preset camera
main, available by pressing dedicated buttons on the screen. Since the main
camera HE40 / HE60 / HE130 can be controlled using as a reference the wide-
angle view of HEA10, the operator can run the unit even when PTZ select a
recovery is not visible in the main camera. With this capability the system is
particularly effective in remote seminars, sports, medical education, news,
discussions with colleagues and other similar applications.

 General Specifications

- Comfortable and intuitive camera control via touchscreen
- PTZ control complete, including fire, iris, gain ...
- Ideal for non-professional users of video recording (large companies,
- HDMI output for use as normal HEA10 additional camera
- Wide viewing angle (horizontal angle of 95 ) to record the entire scene
- Support POE (Power over Ethernet) for easy installation
- Design and color combined with the camera installed
- Ability to store and recall from an iPad up to 9 presets / camera

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