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OthersBLUESHAPE BV100HD Granite battery packs
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Others BV100HD


Others BLUESHAPE BV100HD Granite battery packs

Product Model: BV100HD

Product Code: BS32-BV100HD
Price: US$500.00
TSW: 3

OthersBLUESHAPE BV100HD Granite battery packs OthersBV100HD


BLUESHAPE proudly introduces a new series of tough battery packs designed to endure in any condition.
The new GRANITE construction features remarkable resistance to impacts and bumps, ideal for harsh production environments.

This moderately compact battery pack is one of the most powerful V-Mount battery available today on the market, capable of operating continuously in discharge at 12A (approx. 175W), designed for the most power hungry devices and for users
needing a small and compact battery pack.

Featuring a 5 LED precise gauge for accurate capacity display integrated with state-of-the-art battery safety, balancing and monitoring technology and also providing digital communication with enabled devices. Furthermore, this battery provides
2 additional power outlets through 2 D-Taps conveniently located on the battery sides; these are electronically and individually protected against shorts and overload so as not to compromise the battery's main supply and provide power up to 5A.
They can be conveniently used to power devices working at 14.8V nominal, or even USB powered gadgets and chargers through the PT-USB adapter.

 General Specifications

- Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
- Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
- Nominal Capacity: 6.2Ah, 94Wh
- Max. discharge current: 12A
- GRANITE construction, robust, shockproof and IP54 certified
- 2 Auxiliary D-Taps (nominal 14.8V) provide max 5A with independent overload protection
- Medium size and lightweight
- Size: 171 x 95 x 53mm (6.73" x 3.74" x 2.08")
- Weight: 1.19Kg (2.62lbs)
- NEW: enhanced contact protection for safer air transport

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