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BBS LightingLEDONARDO 1 LED Retrofit Light Engine for the De Sisti Fresnel 3200K
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BBS Lighting LEDONARDO 1 3200K (4001)


BBS Lighting LEDONARDO 1 LED Retrofit Light Engine for the De Sisti Fresnel 3200K

Product Model: LEDONARDO 1 3200K (4001)

Product Code: BB32-4001
Price: US$1,632.80
TSW: 2

BBS LightingLEDONARDO 1 LED Retrofit Light Engine for the De Sisti Fresnel 3200K BBS LightingLEDONARDO 1 3200K (4001)


LED Retrofit Light Engine for the De Sisti Ledonardo 90W TUNGSTEN CCT Fresnel.
Includes both the LT310 manually operated version and the LT311 pole operated

Bring new life to your Ledonardo fresnel by replacing the old power inefficient
tungsten lamp with LED technology. With Ledonardo 1 you can still cut clean with
barndoors, make smooth fades and retain the crisp contrast created by a true
single shadow.

From tungsten to LED in short time
Clean cut with barn doors as always
Super fast strobe speed and duration
Silent operation with no fan
Power-saving long LED life
High reliability using BB&S proven technology
DMX 512 in/out for daisy-chaining
Excellent soft shadow rendering
High reliability
LED engine control adds very little weight to unit
No more heavy dimmers and heavy cupper
Flicker-free dimming also for high speed video lighting
Totally smooth theatrical type dimming all the way to zero
50.000 hours LED life with 70% lumen maintenance
Very little maintenance required over time
PowerCon IN and OUT
Internal dimmer controlled by DMX 512
Long filter life
Reduced CO2 emission = smaller carbon footprint

 General Specifications

Switchmode power supply
AC Power: 100 240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz

Ledonardo 310/11: Max. power consumption: 100 W. 1 Amp @ 110V / 0.5 Amp @

High quality 5600 LED array, CRI min. 72 High quality 3200 LED array, CRI
min. 80


View Details: LEDONARDO 1 3200K (4001)

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