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BBS LightingLEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD Multipurpose Beam Light 3200K
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BBS Lighting LEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD 3200K (2004)


BBS Lighting LEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD Multipurpose Beam Light 3200K

Product Model: LEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD 3200K (2004)

Product Code: BB32-LEDHIMR2X23200K
Price: US$6,200.00
TSW: 7 D : 100

BBS LightingLEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD Multipurpose Beam Light 3200K BBS LightingLEDHEIMER 2x2 QUAD 3200K (2004)


A LED beamlight made for key, fill and backlighting in television and different
purposes in exhibitions and architectural expos where a powerful single source
is needed. Ledheimer is available in two versions comparable to tungsten (warm)
and discharge (cold).

Each Ledheimer comes with 3 Interchangeable high quality aluminium reflectors
17, 25 and 40 degrees and has a filter frame cassette for optional accessories
e.g. barndoors and tophat.
Power factor @ 100 % 230 volts =0.97
Power factor @ 100 % 115 volts =0.99

Extremely high light output
Very low power consumption
Excellent soft shadow rendering
High reliability
Very compact versatile unit
Flicker-free dimming, can even be used for high speed video lighting
Totally smooth theatrical type dimming all the way to zero
Pinball quick release system for building arrays
Powersaving long life LED
Very little maintenance required over time
Internal dimmer controlled by DMX 512
Silent operation
Long filter life
Reduced CO2 emission = smaller carbon footprint for you business
PowerCon IN and OUT
DMX 5 pin KLR in/out for daisy-chaining
Available in either 3200 Kelvin or 5600 Kelvin colour temperatures

 General Specifications

POWER: Switch Mode Power Supply, AC power 100-270V nominal , 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption: 150 W
Amps @ 230 volts = 0.7 Amps
Amps @ 115 volts = 1.4 Amp
Ambient operating temperature: 0-40C / 0-104F
Ultra silent pulse fan assisting the large heatsink when needed.

LAMP: High quality Cold Led array 5600 Kelvin. CRI 90+ up to 50000 hours bulb life
High quality Cold Led array 3200 Kelvin. CRI 90+ up to 50000 hours bulb life

DMX in/out for daisy chaining
8/16 bit dimming 0 to 100 %, up to 4 control channels in 16 bit mode, selectable via
digital display.

DIMENSIONS: DIMENSIONS: Length: 230 mm / 8,27
Width: 260 mm / 8,66
Height: 300 mm / 10,23
Weight: 4,7 kg / 10,36 lbs

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